Rawe and Walid: Climate Champions Empowering Communities

September 12, 2023

Meet Rawe and Walid, two passionate climate advocates from Tunisia. Their inspiring stories showcase the power of local action and global collaboration in addressing climate change. Rawe's focus on sustainable water management and education complements Walid's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to inclusive growth.

Rawe: Educator and Mobilizer

Hailing from a farming background, Rawe understands the urgency of sustainable water management. Droughts caused by climate change have pushed her to educate and empower youth through projects like Participatory Action Research (PAR Tunisie). She advocates for Action on Climate Empowerment (ACE) at international conferences, emphasizing the transformative impact of education and youth involvement.

Walid: Entrepreneur and Innovator

Walid's response to climate challenges is entrepreneurial. His project, Beskla, provides bicycles to students, promoting green mobility and community growth. Beyond reducing travel time, Beskla employs local technicians and contributes to cycling infrastructure development. His efforts have influenced Tunisia's renewable energy policies, reflecting the potential of climate entrepreneurship.

Shared Vision: Local Action, Global Impact

Rawe and Walid's shared vision unites local and global efforts. They bridge the gap between civil society and international diplomacy, advocating for climate finance and youth engagement. By prioritizing education, training, and community involvement, they exemplify how empowering youth drives sustainable practices for a resilient future.

Amplifying Change Together through the HERO MENA Sustainable Finance Circle

Rawe and Walid's stories echo the importance of the Action on Climate Empowerment (ACE) framework. This UN initiative fosters global collaboration and education to drive climate action. Their journeys remind us that personal dedication, community empowerment, and international advocacy are vital components in creating a climate-resilient world.

September 12, 2023