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HERO Circle app - Climate Action

Empower the next million mobilizers worldwide with a stable monthly income.

Through your HERO subscription, you're powering a new kind of economy - one where passionate climate mobilizers are financially supported by the communities they serve, enhancing their ability to enact lasting, grassroots change worldwide.

Together, we support people-led solutions, from passing the EU Nature Restoration Law to protect 20% of the EU’s Natural Ecosystems to creating powerful campaigns that mobilize millions to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

These are the people-powered climate wins that we are creating together.

From initiatives like the Green Deal that impact millions of citizens to the adoption of green public transportation at the city level, mobilizers contribute to creating systemic change.

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Every climate role demands time and energy to advance solutions. With your HERO Subscription, you support verified mobilizers by providing a stable monthly income, enabling them to dedicate more hours to critical climate initiatives worldwide that lead to systemic change.

How mobilizers work.

Community Organizing

They mobilize people to show citizen support to decision markers on climate policies.

Meeting Decision Makers

They coordinate meetings with MPs to discuss proposed policies.

Campaign Strategy

They create campaigns to raise awareness about policies and solutions of public interest.

Participate in Key Events

They attend events and spaces where decisions are being made to represent citizen’s interests.

This is how the money of your subscription is used.


Of your subscription provides a stable monthly income for mobilizers, helping cover essential expenses for their climate initiatives, including transportation, materials, and project time.


Supports HERO in platform expansion, community events, impactful mobilizer storytelling, and mentor partnerships, empowering mobilizers to effectively tackle climate challenges.

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